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Well that was fun

I've heard a saying over the years - something to the effect of "you never get a sick day when you're a parent."

Never has that been more evident than this past week.

There's really no easy way to lug the kid across town to school at 8am when your temperature is hovering at around 103, your eyeballs are pulsating and you're shivering so badly that you can barely get your key in the ignition.

My mothering pretty much consisted of making sure the kid stayed alive, making sure he ate and getting him to school.

The height of my parental winning was last Tuesday when I handed him a $20 bill and told him "when the pizza delivery guy gets here, tell him to keep the change. Then take the pizza and go eat as much as you want. And don't let him in the house." I then retreated to the bath in a futile attempt to stop shivering, all the while praying that said delivery guy wasn't a creeper, and wishing I'd made him put on more than what was essentially pajama booty shorts with no shirt.

Little guy came out of it unscathed, though. And he sounded pretty stinkin' cute when he answered the door with an enthusiastic "hi pizza guy!!! You can keep the change!"

As crappy as that was, it was nothing compared to the previous week when little guy was the sick one. His lasted about 36 hours, compared to my 4+ days, but it seemed so much harder on him. I think that's the down side of having a kid who is rarely sick - when he does get a bug, it comes at him with a vengeance.

Little man was so miserable... sicker than I've seen him in about 5 years. I've never seen someone that little completely drench an entire bed - sheets and comforter - with so much sweat. His scrawny little self managed to make that bedroom about 15 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. The fever also brought him crazy dreams and night terrors, which made for a really long night.

The one positive was that we had a whole lot of time to snuggle up and watch movies together. A sick as he was, we both really enjoyed that part.

Here's hoping its a long time before that mess makes its way back into our house.

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