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I bake and I know things

Ok. For those of you looking to try something really ambitious, I have just the thing.  Try not to be too intimidated by the level of difficulty - I know I was. But its what the husband wanted, and it was his birthday.  Plus, I knew he'd be there to encourage me and give me the boost of confidence I'd need to pull it off.  

He wasn't technically my husband yet when I attempted this feat - his birthday was 4 days before our wedding.  But, being the good almost-wife I was, I offered to make him whatever birthday dessert he wanted... as long as it didn't include fondant.  He took that offer and ran with it. He's always challenging me to try new things - to broaden my skill set and be more ambitious. 

I don't know how I was able to pull it off - especially with the wedding chaos that was in full swing. Maybe there's a reason he has so much confidence in me. 

Without further ado, I present: RAINBOW CHIP CUPCAKES!

I know you must be in awe of this - its super impressive! But you too can make this masterpiece. I'll show you how.

First, you need a box of Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip cake mix.  I've been strongly advised by multiple people that you cannot under any circumstances substitute Funfetti cake mix.  Apparently it's not the same thing (even though it looks and tastes the same). 

Next, you'll want to follow the directions on the box and mix your batter.

Be sure to mix for a solid 2 minutes, otherwise your cake won't have that light and fluffy texture. 

Distribute evenly into baking cups and follow the baking instructions on the box.  

Once your cupcakes are done, cool them completely.  Then its time for the really hard part.

You're going to need a can or two of Rainbow Chip frosting.  I'll stress this again: DO NOT USE FUNFETTI.  People will get mad if they're expecting Rainbow Chip and get Funfetti.  Trust me. Rainbow Chip people are like some weird cult, and they will know and they will cut you.

So get your can(s) of RAINBOW CHIP frosting and remove the plastic lid(s).

Then you need to remove the foil.  DON'T CUT YOURSELF OMG

Scoop your frosting into a pastry bag or ziploc bag with the end cut off and squeeze the frosting down, removing any air bubbles.

Then squeeze a big dollop of frosting onto your cooled cupcake and smoosh it around until it covers most of the top.


But wait - there's more!  This is a birthday, so you can't forget the candle! Unless, of course, you're planning a home wedding with 75 people a few days later, so your house is in disarray and you're completely scatterbrained and didn't think to buy candles at the store.  

In that case, you have to improvise.

Matches are like candles, right?

MacGyver would be so proud.   

But the important thing is that it makes him happy. I like making him happy!

Side note: I don't know WTF they put in that frosting, but a couple of days later it had taken on a rubbery consistency. Like I think if I'd taken off the glob of frosting and thrown it on the ground it might have bounced like a ball. I'm pretty sure it would survive a nuclear war. Armageddon. Maybe we should stash some emergency cans in the basement. This sh*t is really weird. But whatever makes him happy!  

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